The Connected Learning Environment: Myth or Reality?

Schools today are increasingly looking for a comprehensive digital platform; one all-encompassing solution to manage student, teacher, administrator, and parent needs. Today’s institutions need a seamless way to bring classroom activities, grading, admissions, and other key functions online.

Amidst this quest for a turnkey approach to modern learning, however, there’s one critical question we all need to ask:

Does such a product even exist?

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Can I Trust the Cloud with My Data Security?

The scope of the challenge

Every passing day seems to bring word of another data breach. A million identities lost here, ten million there…it almost seems like institutional and corporate entities have opened the doors to their vaults and data is pouring out. This month brings the news that the Home Depot payment card breach involved 56 million accounts, second only to the 2007 TJ Maxx breach involving 90 million accounts.

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Parent Engagement for Student Success

Do you know the most consistent predictor of student success?

It’s not socioeconomic status. It’s not skin color or gender. It’s not IQ.

It’s the level of involvement of a child’s parents.

 Parent Engagement  for Student Success

Parent Engagement for Student Success

Children spend up to 70% of their time outside of the school. That means they’re with their parents for significantly more hours than their teachers. The opportunity for parents to have a positive (or negative) impact on their child’s overall performance, then, is enormous.

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