Corporate History

Rapid changes in technology and analytics are driving corporations to look for ways to make their workforce, especially back-office and remote personnel, more efficient automation solutions assist corporations in their efforts to improve integrations, the accuracy of data processing, and save resources.
N2N API automation services make processes more accurate and save costs by automating manual business procedures

Management Team Members

Kiran Kodithala, CEO

Committed to transforming higher education by enabling data integration and technology innovations

Chad Strunk, Sr. Vice President of Operations

Leveraging product capability to create solutions and expanding product cababilities to address unmet needs

Subhash Pasumarthi, Vice President of Cloud Strategy

Building innovative products to solve complex problems and simplify the process of enterprise data integration

Joel Dunn, Strategic Consultant, Information Security and Compliance

Working to ensure that N2N’s services are designed and delivered with a focus on security and privacy

Danielle Whitney, Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Building relationships with partners and clients, and using innovative technologies to solve challenging problems in data integration

Srini Boggavarapu, Vice President of Client Success

Providing an outstanding client experience using N2N’s Illuminate application

Ronnie Nixon Jr, Operations Manager of Operations and Management

Coordinating office and business operations functions to support the delivery of a quality data integration experience through Illuminate.

Rishitha Nimmagadda, Director of Product Management

Oversees the development, execution, and strategy of the Illuminate application.


Your N2N Services team

N2N's team in action

Handcrafted with thought in Atlanta

N2N’s vision is to enable secure and holistic cloud integration so that organizations of all sizes can seamlessly connect cloud applications with their enterprise applications and data stores. N2N’s flagship product, Illuminate is an iPaaS enabling turnkey SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premise application and data integration. Illuminate’s intuitive approach enables customers to create, manage, secure, and monetize APIs, and build bridges between two APIs without any need for programming and additional infrastructure.
N2N believes that secure and turnkey application and data Integration, powered by APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is critical to the success of any enterprise competing in today’s digital economy. Enterprises, irrespective of their size and business models, need APIs for integration with cloud, mobile, and social applications, wearable devices (”Things” in IoT), and partner and customer portals. Modern, digital enterprises are now exploiting APIs to support real-time process automation, workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), and business intelligence (BI) & analytics.

Even though APIs are critical for achieving success in today’s digital economy, many enterprises have struggled with creation, management, and security of APIs. In this context, enterprises frequently spend millions of dollars on middleware, architecture teams, and disparate technologies without realizing any significant success. Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) have more IT spending and resource constraints and often struggle to meet the unrelenting need for integration for composing digital business processes and a seamless transition to cloud services.
N2N is committed to enabling enterprises of all sizes to participate, benefit from, and compete in today’s digital economy enabled by APIs. N2N’s iPaaS, Illuminate enables enterprises to achieve success with migration to cloud services and fosters implementation of cloud-and API-first strategies.
N2N’s flagship product, Illuminate, features a turnkey enterprise cloud integration gateway. Illuminate includes modules to build, secure, share and monetize APIs completely from the Illuminate’s innovative iPaaS platform. Illuminate is one of the few integration platforms available in the market that can be used by business users and does not require complex or expensive software, or highly-skilled technical resources.