SaaS Integration

APIs are Vital Tools for Businesses That Allow the Capabilities of One Computer Program to be Used by Another

With the proliferation of SaaS, organizations do not have the ability to connect
directly with the underlying data structures of ERP systems. The recommended
(and most popular) way to integrate with SaaS product is to take advantage of the
pre-built connectors offered by these platforms. These connectors are generally
referred to as Application Programming Interfaces and the most common
implementation of these APIs is termed web services.


Integration Platform as a Service

Many APIs are unique in that they are created to serve a particular function with a single program on a specific platform. While many APIs are available, integrating data between two API-based platforms requires very expensive middleware (Integration Platform as a Service), cost-prohibitive application development resources, and long periods of time

APIs are typically small, secure, unobtrusive, and flexible in that users can task them to perform almost any job. They are individual pieces of software tailored to control or manage a particular program. IT teams can use APIs to perform very specific functions, like accessing data from a host operating system, application, or service or updating data in the SaaS platform through available APIs