Higher Education

Simplify Integrations

Utilize Illuminate to simplify the process of integrating all your campus systems by deploying an iPaaS custom built for the needs of Higher Education. Connecting any system to your SIS, LMS or SSO environment can now be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Defined APIs can be deployed and reused for every integration with any required customizations without ever once writing a single line of code.

Leverage an API Library

Illuminate comes deployed with over 120 prebuilt APIs for accessing common data from most major Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems or Single Sign-On applications. Individual system customizations can be applied via a user friendly web interface to deliver the right data to the right application at the right time without ever having to change the underlying deployed API.

Improve Visibility

Illuminate elevates integration management from a single application burden to an institutional expertise. Centralize all integrations in one platform to empower your IT staff to instantly see which systems or partners are accessing which data in real‑time, provide single button click to authorize each system, API or data field and track each transaction for ease of troubleshooting and security review.

Instant Web Services

Illuminate provides the ability to create a custom set of institutional specific APIs which can be composed and published as a web service in a matter of minutes. Each API can be completely customized including calling SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures or database events. Data can be delivered in any format required like JSON, XML or CSV in real-time or on a pre-defined schedule with simple configuration change.

Enhance Security

Illuminate revolutionizes your integration methodology by enhancing the security protocols around the flow of data in and out of your campus. Reduce firewall rules, decouple your most mission critical databases from their application servers and deliver data as a web service via the Illuminate Platform. Learn more about Illuminate’s enhanced security.

Turnkey Deployment

N2N prides itself in deploying APIs and API integrations in a ‘valet fashion,’ requiring minimal impact on customer and vendor resources.

Software Vendors


Ellucian® – N2N is a member of Ellucian’s growing Alliance Partner network. As a result of this partnership, N2N provides seamless integration with institutions using Ellucian Banner ®, Colleague ®, and PowerCampus ® student information systems. N2N Illuminate also features turnkey templates to expose Ellucian Ethos ® data models directly to N2N’s customers and partners. Ellucian Ethos ® data models can be integrated both “As-Is” or can be exposed as N2N’s standard APIs through the Illuminate platform.

N2N has now been named an official Ellucian Ethos Integrator.

Ethos is a higher education platform focused on connecting people, processes, and applications across institutions, powering the essential work of colleges and universities. Longtime partners N2N and Ellucian will now have another avenue to help institutions eliminate the costly and time-consuming maintenance of multiple point-to-point integrations, reduce friction caused by siloed information, and unify data into a single source.

Boomi : A Dell Technologies Business

Boomi : A Dell Technologies Business – N2N in partnership with Boomi, gives higher education providers agile, efficient data integration, process and app development, allowing university and college administrators to better connect with students throughout the entire student lifecycle. The N2N Illuminate platform now features integration with Dell Boomi to expose the middleware functionality to citizen integrators in colleges and universities, through the N2N Illuminate platform’s seamless and intuitive interface.

ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide SM – The leader in universal payments, ACI Worldwide partners with N2N to allow campuses to build an anytime, anywhere payments experience for students. ACI uses N2N’s APIs and certified builds to provide payment plans, parent login, and billing statements through their state-of-the-art student portal experience.

Modo Labs ®

Modo Labs ® – Powered by N2N, Modo Labs’ app builder allows non-technical users to build branded, campus-specific apps for their students and staff. Modo Labs partners with N2N to provide seamless mobile experience to students, faculty and staff at campuses worldwide. Some of the features that N2N and Modo Labs jointly provide through Modo Labs’ XModules platform include course registration, bill presentation, advising and faculty collaboration, and real-time alerts.


Touchnet – Touchnet Information Systems provides several solutions to higher education – that include payment services, credential services, and access management services for campuses worldwide. Touchnet collaborates with N2N to expose from disparate student information systems and standardize this data as RESTful services. This standardization makes it easy for Touchnet to integrate their solutions quickly with new campuses. Campuses do enjoy the rapid deployment of APIs and turnkey services for students, faculty and staff as a result of this strategic alliance between N2N and Touchnet Information Systems.


Anthology – Managing a college or university requires a massive suite of complex, robust software solutions and finding ways to make those systems talk to each other, work together, and increase efficiency, rather than decrease it, can quickly feel like multiple full-time jobs.

That’s why N2N is proud to partner with Anthology, formerly Campus Management. Anthology offers software solutions for every aspect of your higher education needs, from payroll and HR to student information, to donor management.

Okta and N2N Illuminate make it easy

Okta and N2N Illuminate make it easy to automate lifecycle management across student, faculty, and staff lifecycle events. N2N’s Illuminate is a gateway that pulls user data from a Student Information Systems (SIS) (like Ellucian’s Colleague and Banner, Oracle’s Peoplesoft, and more) and sends it to Okta’s Universal Directory (UD). Schools update user data on their information systems as roles change, and these changes are mirrored in UD, so access permissions automatically reflect each person’s evolving status. The integration enables campus IT teams to set rules for users and groups within UD so Okta can automatically assign apps and entitlements based on status. Campus student information systems keep Okta’s UD up-to-date via a RESTful API, and Okta can then easily provision those campus users into all the relevant apps they need.


CampusCE — CampusCE education management software is designed specifically for the registration and program management needs of Professional Development, Workforce Training, and Continuing Education programs at Colleges and Universities. CampusCE removes registration barriers and makes it easy for non-credit or dual credit students to search, register, and pay, while connecting seamlessly behind the scenes to the academic SIS, via the Illuminate API. CampusCE software is a complete suite of CE – centric tools that solves the online registration, program management, reporting, and marketing challenges faced by all types of continuing education programs.


Mazévo is a modern course scheduling and event management system for higher education.

Your campus is home to various activities, including classes, events, athletics, performances, and meetings. Many universities struggle with knowing what is happening on campus because scheduling information is decentralized, with multiple departments managing activities in separate systems. With Mazévo, you can manage your academic and meeting space in one cloud-based platform. Mazévo Partners with N2N to provide a seamless bi-directional course data integration with your student information system so you can ensure that your courses are always scheduled in the proper facilities.


Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, helping customers adapt and thrive in a changing world. Workday applications for financial management, human resources, planning, spend management, and analytics are built with artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core to help organizations around the world embrace the future of work. N2N is now a Workday Emerging Partner devising solutions to meet business needs by developing connectors to Workday.

White Sheet

PayClearly, an automated payments solution, has partnered with N2N Services

PayClearly, an automated payments solution, has partnered with N2N Services to give Higher Education institutions the ability to integrate their ERP systems with accounts payables, streamlining an otherwise time-consuming process. A strategic partnership with N2N Services, a leading provider of integration systems for Higher Education, allows PayClearly the ability to offer a fully integrated accounts payable payment solution. Universities and colleges use complex ERP systems such as Banner, Colleague, Workday, Oracle and Jenzabar, among others, that contain data necessary to the AP departments daily tasks. This streamlined approach to payables can evolve a department’s processes to allow for a much higher level of efficiency, leading to great savings and revenue-earning rewards.

NorthStar Currency’s international payment platform

NorthStar Currency’s international payment platform gives students the ability to pay securely in 100+ currencies across multiple payment methods. The partnership with N2N provides direct reconciliation into leading SIS systems such as Banner and PeopleSoft Campus, streamlining an otherwise tedious international payment process for the AR office.

NERCOMP ® (NorthEast Regional Computing Program)

NERCOMP ® (NorthEast Regional Computing Program) – N2N is a NERCOMP Solution Partner. N2N provides consortia pricing on N2N products and services to all NERCOMP members.


At PageUp, we’re passionate about connecting people to great careers. Our powerful platform optimizes each step of the talent management lifecycle – so everyone can reach their full potential.

PageUp Talent Management software enhances HR processes with technology that HR professionals, people leaders and employees love to use. From Recruitment Marketing – including sophisticated content management, marketing automation and candidate relationship management tools – through to Recruitment Management, Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and Succession – all underpinned by Analytics.


Coursedog’s course scheduler allows university and college administrators to build error-free course schedules faster. Coursedog partners with N2N to integrate course catalog, course schedule, and related information from PeopleSoft CS®, Ellucian Banner ®, Ellucian PowerCampus ®, Campus Management System ®, and other leading Student Information Systems.


Nimbello is a pioneering provider of cutting-edge PO based AP Automation solutions that streamline financial processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency for higher education and for schools using Ellucian. Nimbello’s innovative technology transforms accounts payable processes, making them faster, more accurate, and less resource-intensive. For more information, please visit www.nimbello.com.