Socrates Labs IT Services India Pvt. Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of N2N Services Inc. (USA). Socrates Labs is incorporated in 2020 with the explicit mission to build best-of-breed innovations for the parent company and its growing customer base.

Socrates Labs is also committed to supporting startups and innovations focused on building sustainable products for social good. Whether it’s climate change, food safety, or social justice; we at N2N and Socrates Labs believe that technology can solve these problems.

If you are an innovator committed to the same philosophy as Socrates or a technology professional seeking opportunities at a socially conscious organization; contact us now. We can collaborate to make the world a better place.


Everyone has an idea, but an idea requires a firm research and development infrastructure to truly take shape.

INNOVATION for the social good

At Socrates Labs, we believe strongly in creating products that can truly transform the world.


Anyone can build a product, taking it to market is whole new game.