Higher Education

Simplify Integrations

Utilize Illuminate to simplify the process of integrating all your campus systems by deploying an iPaaS custom built for the needs of Higher Education. Connecting any system to your SIS, LMS or SSO environment can now be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Defined APIs can be deployed and reused for every integration with any required customizations without ever once writing a single line of code.

Leverage an API Library

Illuminate comes deployed with over 120 prebuilt APIs for accessing common data from most major Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems or Single Sign-On applications. Individual system customizations can be applied via a user friendly web interface to deliver the right data to the right application at the right time without ever having to change the underlying deployed API.

SaaS Integration

APIs are Vital Tools for Businesses That Allow the Capabilities of One Computer Program to be Used by Another

With the proliferation of SaaS, organizations do not have the ability to connect
directly with the underlying data structures of ERP systems. The recommended
(and most popular) way to integrate with SaaS product is to take advantage of the
pre-built connectors offered by these platforms. These connectors are generally
referred to as Application Programming Interfaces and the most common
implementation of these APIs is termed web services.